Script Writing and Actors Workshop

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Script Writing and Actors Workshop

Black Arts Development Program

In 2021, a total of 33 African, Caribbean and Black artists concluded the theatre and film section of the Black Arts Development (BAD) Program virtually between two cohorts with a focus on script writing and acting support. Successful applicants received a total of $16,500 upon completion of the workshops.

We are excited to announce that the BAD Program officially opens today! The program focuses on creating spaces for Black artists by supporting professional and emerging artists to learn, grow and show their art in script writing and acting. The BAD Program has teamed up with award-winning professional faculty members for 6 weeks of script writing and acting workshops.

To learn more about the Black Arts Development Program, visit

WOEZ WOEZO AFRICA MUSIC & DANCE THEATRE INC. PRESENTS BLACK ARTS DEVELOPMENT ROGRAM 6 Week Script Writing & Actors Workshop for Aspiring Black Artists Applications Open Monday, January 15,2024 Registration Now Open at FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: NICOLE PEMBERTON |

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