Seeking Actors for Short Film

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Seeking Actors for Short Film

Looking for actors to fill two leading roles and supporting roles. Actors must be available from mid-June to the end of July. Exact Schedule to be determined. Paid. Non-Union. Compensation to be discussed and finalized with successful applicants in person.

Audition Days: May 25 & 26, 2018, 5:00 – 9:00pm

When submitting your resume and head-shot please indicate the character/s you would like to audition for. You will then be notified of the available time slots and provided further necessary content.

Please email your submission to

Available Leading Roles:

  • Emelia (Young): Young girl age 10 to 12. Brunette. Mysterious, dark-minded and solitary. Emelia has a hard time fitting in with her foster family not to mention the rest of her community. She feels isolated and craves an empathetic companion who is as equally bizarre as she is.
  • Emelia (Elderly): An elderly woman ages 80 to 90. Though physically weak she is mentally strong and confident. Has come to terms with the light and darkness within herself and has found inner peace. She seeks to share her final story with an empathetic listener.

Available Supporting Roles:

  • Foster Mother: Age 30 to 40. Controlling. She Obsessively fauns over her birth daughter but treats her foster daughter, the young Emelia, with cruelty and resentment.
  • Foster Father: Age 30 to 40. Quiet, reserved. Hates to involve himself in a conflict which results in his inaction regarding family matters. Is fond of Emelia despite his wife’s hatred of her.
  • Foster Sister: Young girl ages 10 to 12. Mild-mannered and well behaved. She is considered the ideal child. She is frightened by Emelia and her strange, dark behaviour.
  • Oskar (Evelyn’s Ex-Husband): Late 20s to early 30s. A doctor. He is an attractive Polish immigrant who migrated with his former spouse Evelyn. He has a dark history of abuse and manipulation. His violent nature is masked by his charisma.
  • Oskar’s 2nd Wife: Early 20s. A frightful and naive woman. She is totally dependent on her spouse for security both physically and emotionally.
  • Amara (Leader of Coven): Mid 20s. A young spritely African woman. Powerful and sensuous. She leads a coven of formerly abused/ oppressed women who have now been transformed into vampires.
  • Female Vampire 1: Mid 20s. Second in command to Amara. Transformed long ago. Has a quiet confidence about her.
  • Female Vampire 2: Late teens to early 20s. Transformed in later years, third in command to Amara. Has a subtle naivety about her despite her leadership position.
  • Emelia’s Night Nurse: Attendant to the elderly Emelia. A sweet attentive young man/ woman committed to providing respectful, empathetic care.

About the Film Moja Mama

Now in her final moments Emelia; an elderly woman residing at a nursing home in Phoenix, Alberta, confesses a long-buried secret. While being tended to by her night nurse she pulls them aside to tell the story of her childhood and of how she was raised by a vampiric mother. Emelia divulges in the deeds she had to commit in order to keep her mother’s true identity a secret, and of how in time she came to understand her with an empathetic eye in spite of her possession.

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