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Social Media Micro-Internship

One of the objectives of Shelby Borys Photography and May the Photo Be With You, is to create meaningful mentorship opportunities, provide guidance to future photography professionals, and to exchange skill sets as applicable. For this particular micro-internship, you will use your experience and skills with social media to support the online conversations of Shelby’s brand. Your ability to teach is important in order to benefit from collaborating, as Shelby in turn will be teaching you essentials in the business of photography.

The focus of this project is on reframing the online presence of May The Photo Be With You on social media channels, as determined (together) to be relevant. You will work with Shelby to assess the current state of presence, as well as the business objectives. For example, the intent is not to post every day, but to create a canvas that reflects Shelby’s portfolio and professional values. Shelby recognizes that your recommendation may be to start from scratch on certain platforms, depending on your advice and experience.

You will be provided with current profile pictures, logos and brand icons as needed.

Please see Shelby’s webpage with his existing content

If you have proficiency in design and access to the necessary applications, Shelby is happy to design and build with you, using licensed products and accounts.

Ideally you will attend four one-hour meetings using online chat, where you’ll share documents on your laptop to draft ideas and outline your expectations, so that your work can be tracked and measured.

Task outcomes will be linked to an evaluation cycle as follows:

March 1 2023: First formative evaluation.
It is expected that you will have submitted your assessment framework and development outline for the content by this time.

March 15, 2023: Second formative evaluation.
It is expected that you will have submitted your design drafts, tested initial content strategy and included feedback by this time.

Intern Time-Commitment Breakdown:

  • 1 hour — live chat introduction and project orientation.
  • 4 hours — 4 x 1 hour meetings to check in with Shelby.
  • Weekly check in and report with online chat or email if more comfortable.
  • We will discuss your progress and results before final submission.
  • 10 hours — reviewing relevant data, designs, and content.
  • 5 hours — writing a report, including testing and measuring.

Platforms to use:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Google SEO

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