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Slaight New Play Actor Training

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Application deadline: June 10, 2024
Program dates: September 16 – 28, 2024


Actor training returns to Banff Centre! Slaight New Play Actor Training is a two-week workshop intensive for Canadian actors, rehearsing and workshopping two new Canadian plays ahead of premiere.

Actors can spend large portions of their career acting in premieres, but there is very little training specifically for this practice. New Play Actor Training provides an opportunity for actors to learn and implement the skills needed to work in this environment, including script analysis, and when and how to make offers. Join us to develop and refine the expertise that directors and playwrights look for when working with actors in the early stages of their projects.

This exciting new residency offers early career and established performers the opportunity to explore two new plays: DUCKS by Ellen Close, and Kohkom’s Babushka by Joleen Ballendine and Lianna Makuch, thanks to the generousity of the Slaight Family Foundation.

What does the program offer?

During this two-week residency, participants will benefit from:

  • Mentorship with leading playwrights, directors and dramaturges
  • Daily warm ups and rehearsals in studio
  • Public readings at the end of the program
Who should apply?

Canadian actors at any stage of their career, ideally with some professional training in a post-secondary training environment and some experience in a rehearsal room, are eligible to apply. Those with the ability to move well, sing and/or play an instrument are especially welcome.

Please note: whilst the character descriptions are listed below, applications of all ages (18+), backgrounds, gender identities and expressions are welcome to apply. Applicants must be Canadian, a Permanent Resident or eligible under the terms of the Jay Treaty.

All characters are part of an ensemble that brings magic to our world through movement. The ages listed reflect their essence and role rather than their actual age as performers.

The Plays

DUCKS by Ellen Close, directed by Marie Farsi
DUCKS, based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Kate Beaton, follows the story of 22-year old Cape Breton cartoonist, Katie, as she attempts to pay off her student loans by working in the oil sands.

Actor 1: Katie, 22, from Cape Breton

Actor 2: female, 30-40s, to play all other female characters including:

  • Laura, 40s, a warehouse supervisor from Saskatchewan
  • Darlene, 50s, a tool crib attendant from Newfoundland
  • Carmen, 20s, a tool crib attendant from Alberta

Actor 3: male, 20s, various male characters including:

  • The Baby (Shane), mid-20s, mechanic from Newfoundland

Actor 4: male, 20-30s, various male characters including:

  • Tyler, 20s, engineer from Newfoundland

Actor 5: male, 30-40s, various male characters including:

  • Ken, 40s, warehouse supervisor from Ontario
  • Radar, 40s, driver from Newfoundland
  • Brent, 20s, mechanic from Newfoundland

Actor 6: male, 40-50s, various male characters including:

  • John, late-40s, field liaison superintendent from Cape Breton
  • Chuck, 30s, mechanic from Newfoundland

Actor 7: male, 50s, various male characters including:

  • Jeff, late-40s, office manager from Cape Breton
  • Ambrose, 50s, mechanic foreman from Newfoundland

Kohkom’s Babushka by Joleen Ballendine and Lianna Makuch, directed by Lianna Makuch
Inspired by the book by Marion Mutala
Kohkom’s Babushka is a family theatre production inspired by the book by prairie author Marion Mutala. The story opens dialogue to re-examine the legacies of traditional Canadian settler narratives. Celebrating both differences and similarities, the story embraces the enduring values of cultural traditions, the beauty of generosity, and the spirit of friendship.

Paulette: a young Métis girl, 12
Introspective, sensitive, with a quiet strength. You’ll often find Paulette lost in books or sketching in her journal, attuned to the world in her own thoughtful way.

Natalia: a young Ukrainian Canadian girl, 12
Extroverted, outgoing, lively. You’ll often find Natalia hanging out with her friends. She’s the kind of person who would be captain of the volleyball team while also leading student council then making it just in time for dance class.

Kohkom / Rosalie: woman, 50s.
Warm-hearted, nurturing, grounded. She’s passionate about her beliefs and motivates others to stand up for what’s right.

Dad / Taras: male, 40s
Hardworking, resilient, and determined. He has a deep connection with nature and is always ready to roll up his sleeves and tackle any challenge.

City Official / Northwest Police Officer: 30s-50s
A formidable, threatening presence, strictly adhering to the rules and regulations without question.

For more information and to apply, please visit Slaight New Play Actor Training.

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