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Social Media Admin

This listing has expired.

We have a super hero cape and no one to wear it! Be our social media admin super hero!

You are a social butterfly and love showing off your colours!

You have tamed the three-headed beast of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook or are ready to take it on!

You laugh in the face of chaos (okay, we are not actually that bad, but still, we need some help)!

If you are intrigued and like long flowing capes, we are the place for you.


For questions or other information, call 403.561.2765.

THIRD ACTion Film Festival works to create an age-positive culture shift by reframing the discussion around ageing and older adults. We do this through film, speakers and art. Ageing—it starts at birth and just keeps going so we might as well do it well!!

Be a catalyst for change.

To review the social media channels visit:

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