Sonic Geomancy: Creative Sound Workshop

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Sonic Geomancy: Creative Sound Workshop

rebecca bruton musical arts

Date: June 15, 2024
Time: 2 – 4pm
Location: The Abattoir at CSpace King Edward (135, 1721, 29 Ave. SW)
Cost: $25

Sonic Geomancy: Creative Sound Workshop with rebecca bruton.

Participants are introduced to the concept of ‘geophony’ (the sounds of geological phenomena) through embodied, ‘fossiliferous’ listening and sounding exercises, as well as divinatory play with rocks. No musical experience required, but participants will be invited to use their voices during the workshop.

Designed for artists, ecologists, designers, architects, everyday folks — for anyone interesting in developing new creative tools for feeling, sensing, and responding to the natural sounding world.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Please let rebecca know in advance if you have any mobility concerns!

Workshop takes place in The Abattoir at CSpace King Edward (#135, 1721, 29 Ave. SW). The Abattoir is on the first floor of the building, next to Aroma Café.

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rebecca bruton is an experimental composer, song maker, vocalist, and guitarist based in Calgary, Alberta. She creates work that moves in the narrow space between sorrow and celebration; her interests include the pace of trekking through the Rocky Mountains, land/blood memory, the choreographic, multi-species kinship, and the malleable nature of time itself. Her guiding motivations lie in revealing experiences of sensory and psychological alteredness, through which new realities and chronologies can be experienced beyond the realm of discursive or narrative meaning-making. She creates work across several mediums, including chamber music composition, song making and experimental poetry, film scores, and free improvisation. She is also an avid collaborator.

Calgarians may know rebecca as the artistic director of New Works Calgary.

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