Space for an Expressive Arts Based Day Program

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Space for an Expressive Arts Based Day Program

For Seniors and Wheelchair Users

We are looking for an affordable home space for an adult day support program with a focus on expressive arts (art, music, fibre arts, movement, creative writing, and mindfulness). A minimum of 500 to 700-sq.-ft. and maximum to about 1,000 (only due to financial constraints, we could grow exponentially if money were no object).

We need outrageously low rent ($800 to $1,000 gross maximum) as our artist clients’ families pay a nominal fee for participation and my husband and I subsidize the rest out of our non-profits. It’s a labor of love and not a money maker. We receive no funding from government or other sources.

This is an inclusive therapeutic recreation program for seniors and younger individuals who have differing abilities. Our focus is on using the arts to help our artist participants realize their full potential through creativity.

We do not need a space that’s new fancy or expensive. We need a space that we can decorate with fix up with our own creativity, love and passion. We would like to make it our artistic home.

We need access to a bathroom and a place with a little kitchenette would be wonderful. We can adapt any bathroom with raised toilet seats and grab bars at our expense.

When we find the place we can afford, we will paint with love, wrap it in passion and treat it with the utmost care.

Our dream space? A little neglected that needs our loving touch. Even plain old cement floors would do. Nothing new, nothing fancy, nothing ultra-modern. We’re not picky. We need space to spread out our paints and brushes and canvases’ place to store our adapted recreation supplies, space to store our costumes for creative wheelchair movement, space for making soup and sandwich lunches (a tiny kitchenette corner will do) and of course, lots of wall space to display our creations!

For questions or to arrange a viewing of spaces, call 403.272.4411 and 403.990.9489 (cell).

For questions, email

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