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Stage Manager

We are in dire need of a stage manager!

We had one lined up but that arrangement fell through as the show got rescheduled twice due to COVID.

Project Description

Cantata (Rumours of my Crazy, Useless Life) by Clem Martini is a dramatization and fictionalization of Martini’s experience as a caregiver for a brother with schizophrenia and a mother developing dementia.

It’s a four person show.

Cast: Duve Lang, Brian Jensen, Val Campbell, Precious Akpoguma


Rehearsals would start April 11, 2022, two weeks of six-day rehearsals, approximately eight hours a day. Right now we’re planning to rehearse at the University of Calgary because they’re helping us out with rehearsal space. We’re also planning on later rehearsal days to accommodate one of the actors who is a student.

Your prep week would be the week before!

April 24 to May 7, 2022, in the cSPACE Theatre in Marda Loop (these are our dates in the space).

We’re figuring out the contracting details, but there will be a weekly fee within professional minimums for five weeks (this is why I can’t quote the fee because we still are resolving which contracts we’re using).

For questions and to submit interest, email

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