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Start a Business

The listing period for this opportunity has passed.

Do you want to be self-employed or start a business? With hard work, commitment, and support from Momentum you can turn your business idea into reality.

Cost: Free for applicants who meet employment requirements.


  • Business Feasibility Study
  • Self Employment Program
  • Evening Self Employment Program
  • Passport Program
  • Micro Loans for Businesses

Momentum’s building is closed to the public, but we are happy to welcome you as program participants and as a guest by appointment. For more information or to apply, visit

About Momentum

Momentum is a change-making organization that acts as a bridge by taking an economic approach to poverty reduction and adding a social perspective to economic development initiatives.

Our programs are holistic, covering everything from financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and employment training, to developing communication skills, building self-confidence, and establishing positive social networks.

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities

All of Momentum’s business programs are suitable for people with a disability. We welcome entrepreneurs with Disabilities in each of our business start-up programs, through inclusion in-classroom training, business coaching, peer support coaching, 1:1 facilitator support, and customized teaching approaches. We provide or facilitate accommodations as required. Momentum is an inclusive organization that can assist you in writing a great business plan and getting your business started.

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