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The Royal Conservatory of Music is looking for Grade 5 to 8 teachers to prototype a new music program called MathBeat.

The Royal Conservatory’s MathBeat program explores the many ways that math and creativity are connected. As students learn to create their own original digital music, they also learn to think in terms of the fractions of beats, varying pitch, and explore the role of symmetry in rhythm.

A social component is included as students have a chance to write music collaboratively with peers across the country.

If you are a registered teacher in Canada and would like to demo this free resource, please email to request login information.

“Our students are in love with this program.” – Gr.6 CBE Teacher

“I love MathBeat because it allows me to improve on music even though we’re in an online class.” -Grade 6 Student

“I like how it made a connection in music and how math is important in music making.” – Grade 6 Student

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