The Boxed Stories Gallery

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The Boxed Stories Gallery

This is a call for artists and writers working across a wide spectrum of media to participate in the fall exhibit of The Boxed Stories Gallery located in the Creative Hive space of Loft 112 (535 8th Ave. SE).

A bit about the Gallery

Housed within a vintage card catalogue, the library’s one-time answer to organizing a collection of books for readers to locate on a shelf, visitors will be encouraged to discover varied artworks as they open each drawer.

The pieces can range from paintings, prints, photography, assemblage, music as well as wood, metal and ceramic sculpture or any other format the artist or writer imagines.

Deadline for Letter of Intent: July 16, 2020

Boxed Stories Gallery participants are paid a $100 artist fee.

Visit for complete details.

Questions may be directed to Stacey Walyuchow at

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