Umbrella Talk

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Umbrella Talk

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Date: April 10, 2024
Time: 7pm MT
Location: Online via Zoom

Join us this Wednesday April 10, 2024, 7pm MT on Zoom for How We Create: Discovering and Exploring Your Unique Creative Process. It will be a lively conversation with Kenna Burima on music, song writing, teaching, collaboration and motherhood.

In her adopted hometown of Calgary (Mohkinsstsis, Treaty 7), Kenna Burima has earned a reputation as someone who can turn ideas into big projects, teach the unteachable and inspire people to come together.

How we create is as unique as what we create. By becoming intentional and aware of the intricacies of our creative process and practice, we can develop a more reliable and trusting relationship with our art and how we make it. In this workshop Kenna will lead you through a series of exercises that will assist in:

  • Discovering and exploring your natural creative process
  • Building and honing a realistic and supportive artistic practice
  • Addressing and dissolving creative blocks, ruts and hang ups

Kenna will present a series of simple creativity exercises using storytelling, journaling prompts, doodling and sound to help you:

  • Gain tools to artistically connect (inside) and express (outside)
  • Nurture awareness and connection with the natural world
  • Face beliefs and personal stories that become fuel for your art calm systems, increase energy and boost clarity
  • And finally, get out of your own damn way of your own art!!

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