Umbrella Talks Session 3: Artist Survival Guide

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Umbrella Talks Session 3: Artist Survival Guide

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

November’s session of Umbrella Talks is led by Dick Averns. Dick will be providing some insight towards living as an arts professional. He will be addressing questions about art grants, tips on how to be a professional, what opportunities you should be looking for and answering any questions about living as a professional artist.

Tickets are $10 per event for EAR members and $25 per event for non-members. Tickets are available online and at the door.

Date: November 17, 2019, 1:00 – 3:00pm
Location: CommunityWise (223 12th Ave. SW)

For more information and purchasing tickets, or memberships visit

EAR Membership

An EAR membership is an annual fee of $25 dollars, Financially Challenged memberships are $10. EAR memberships grant the option to receive discounted entry to our professional sessions, discounts at local retailers and a regular EAR membership will receive a tax receipt. All proceeds of EAR memberships go towards our Relief and Rebound Funds.

History of the Umbrella Talks

EAR has been a resource for artists in the Calgary area since 2007. We started out exclusively helping out visual artists who were in crisis, usually with a health crisis of some sort, with our original Emergency Relief Fund. In 2014, we added the Rebound Fund, to assist artists of any discipline who are in dire straits, (again, usually a health crisis is involved). But alongside all of this, EAR has also been evolving towards becoming more of an advocate and information hub for artists in the Calgary region.

EAR had always engaged with the art community through artist tax and grant writing workshops, and also an initiative called The Year of EAR. Each year, we would partner with one of Calgary’s artist-run centres (ARC’s). We would cross-promote each other’s initiatives, and the ARC partner of that year would help us out with small-scale fundraising through their own events.

In 2013, EAR began a Year of EAR with Untitled Art Society (UAS). UAS was already offering health and career workshops for artists, so it was a perfect fit with what we were trying to do. Our collaboration gave birth to the first Umbrella Conference, which we presented in the spring of 2014. Umbrella 2 was in 2015, and Umbrella 3 happened in 2017.

This year EAR has decided to re-work our potential conference structure into a series of four workshops the Umbrella Talks, spaced one month apart, to hopefully provide more focus on one specific issue each time, to better address and serve the artists of Calgary.

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