Unseeing Art Exhibition

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Unseeing Art Exhibition

Zyp Art Gallery (Calmar, Alberta) invites nine artists from the non-visual learning community (blind, low-limited vision, colour-blind, and partially sighted) to display their work as part of Zyp Art Gallery’s Unseeing Art exhibition on September 5, 2022. Through participatory exhibits and educational events, this project aims to raise awareness among the sighted community about the challenges the non-visual learning community faces in the art world.


According to CNIB, an estimated 1.5 million Canadians are blind or have limited sight.

Although non-visual learners are a significant proportion of our society, too few adaptations have been developed to meet their needs. Whether it is inaccessible infrastructure and architecture that hampers their daily mobility, or technological advancements ignoring their accessibility needs, or representation in media that portrays non-visual learners as less capable— the non-visual learning community faces perpetual barriers.

One space that continues to neglect the non-visual learner is the arts. As a medium meant to provide unrestricted freedom of expression, the arts and the industry surrounding it, generally caters to the sighted community. This exhibition aims to highlight and bridge the inequities faced by the non-visual learner in the art world. Further, by incorporating the works of non-visual artists, the project aims to improve accessibility and diversity in the arts and provide new ways for people to engage with the community.

Application Deadline: All entries must be submitted on or before Friday, June 3, 2022 at 11:59pm MT.
Eligibility: Canadian-based artist must be a person from the blind, low-limited vision, partially sighted or colour-blind community.
Artist Fee: $431 as per CARFAC artist fee, see carfac.ca.

Artists selected for the exhibition may be able to access monetary support for supplies and travel costs.

Submission Format

If you are a professional artist:

  • Applications must be submitted in PDF format via email to hello@zypgallery.ca.
  • Email subject line should read: Application, (Your Name) Unseeing Art

Application must include:

  • An expression of interest describing the artist’s art making practice and how the artwork or proposed artwork fits the theme of our exhibition (1 page max).
  • Artist’s CV or Resume (3 pages max).
  • Images of past artwork (Max: 10 images JPG or PNG format) We will accept web-quality, low-resolution JPG images through email, or you can send a cloud link (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox etc.), link to your online portfolio, Instagram, or website.

Submission Format

If you are a new artist or have not exhibited before:

  • Email hello@zypgallery.ca.
  • Email subject line should read New Artist, (Your Name) Unseeing Art.
  • An Expression of Interest describing your interest in partaking in the exhibition, your contact details (phone number) and when is the best time to reach you.

Late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.


  • Artist Application Deadline: Friday, June 3, 2022
  • Successful Artists Notified: Friday, June 8, 2022
  • Artist Received by Gallery: Friday, August 26, 2022
  • Exhibition: September 5, 2022

For further information or in case of any queries, please contact us at hello@zypgallery.ca.

About Zyp Art Gallery

Since 2018, Zyp Art Gallery has provided a space that amplifies the voices of the voiceless within our community. With physical and online art-based exhibitions, featuring diverse artists and indigenous performers, Zyp Art Gallery facilitates the appreciation of art and uses it as a medium to bring awareness and empathy to socially relevant issues. Through partnerships with local non-profit organizations, government bodies, and schools, with community engagement initiatives, such as workshops and educational programs, Zyp Art Gallery collaborates, empowers and
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