Upcoming Online All-Access Professional Development

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Upcoming Online All-Access Professional Development

Save the date for these upcoming professional development subjects from CARFAC Alberta.

Develop your Creative ware: The Value of Post-Secondary Education in the Arts
Date: July 17, 2021

Ed Bader (CARFAC Alberta Board Member), Tara Vahab (CARFAC Alberta Engagement Coordinator), and Chris W. Carson (CARFAC Alberta Executive Director).

This presentation will discuss how the fine arts are not a frill but integral to society. Visual artists do everything from designing our physical environment we live in to the mass media we consume.

Flux & Flow
Date: August 14, 2021

Verna Vogel (CARFAC Alberta Board Member), Sharon Moore-Foster (Program + Development Coordinator) and Tara Vahab (CARFAC Alberta Engagement Coordinator).

Cycles of high and low inspiration and productivity are common in the artist’s life. When making art contributes significantly to your mental/emotional/financial well-being, those highs and lows can lead to heightened pressure. Throw societal upheaval into the mix, and you’ve got quite a stew on your hands. How do you deal with it?

Join your host Sharon Moore-Foster, Verna Vogel and Tarta Vahab for an informal discussion about the many aspects of flux and flow in these uncertain times.

There will be more online sessions in August and September. Watch this space for updates!

For more information, visit carfacalberta.com.

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