VFS Online Digital Design Conference

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VFS Online Digital Design Conference

Join the Vancouver Film School design community online.

The Digital Design Conference (DDC) is our initiative to bring the design, creative technology, and visual communication communities together. This year’s Digital Design Conference is centered around the idea of how we evolve as designers and artists.

It is an opportunity for us to learn how the landscape is changing in the design community, from how we communicate, to collaborating with other specialized creatives, to the need to constantly grow as artists to remain outside of the box.

Over two days online, the DDC will gather a wide range of creative designers to share ideas and explore new initiatives and breakthroughs in interactive design, motion graphics, visual communication, UX/UI design, gaming, emerging technology, VR/AR, projection mapping, and more.

Dates: September 8 & 9, 2021
Location: Online

Early registration is now open, with guest speaker announcements coming soon.

For more information and to register, visit eventbrite.ca.

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