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Visual Arts Co-Curator

This volunteer opportunity has been filled, thank you for your interest.

Time Commitment: One to three hours a week leading up to the festival, significantly more during the festival itself and the weeks flanking it. The intended commitment for this position is two years; the 2018 programming will be curated in collaboration with the current Visual Arts Curator, Dana Buzzee, who will be stepping down after the 2018 programming is complete.

Description of Position

Working collaboratively, the Visual Arts Co-Curators will be responsible for overseeing the visual arts programming and will be responsible for building the programming from the ground up, following the successful framework of previous years’ festivals.


  • A keen interest in community-based feminist organizing and a commitment to being actively anti-oppressive with your work.
  • A dedication to making space for marginalized visual arts practices, and a broad definition of what a visual arts practice might mean.
  • A passion for visual art, artists, and arts community.
  • A desire to make space for radical programming.
  • A collaborative spirit, willing to share, learn, grow.
  • A commitment to fundraising to fulfill the needs of the visual arts programming budget.


  • Prior experience with visual arts programming/organizing.
  • Prior curatorial experience.
  • Access to a computer/internet. Comfortable working with cloud-based software from Google (doc, drive, sheets, etc.).
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

Points to consider in your cover letter:

  • An introduction to who you are and how you self-identify.
  • Your own goals as a curator/volunteer arts admin person and how you hope working with Femme Wave will support you in pursuing those goals.
  • Your vision for the future of Femme Wave’s visual arts programming.
  • Any experience that you believe has prepared you for this position or anything that you feel is important for us to know about you when considering you for this position.

Femme Wave is currently a volunteer-run festival. We are working to develop the festival to a place where labour is remunerated, but currently, none of our organizers receives monetary compensations. We are committed to making this position beneficial for those interested by providing mentorship for curating, arts admin, and organizing.

To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to Dana Buzzee

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