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Volunteer Coordinator

This is not your typical orchestra! The Calgary Jazz Orchestra (CJO) is a high energy, passionate and fun group of musicians whose goal is to engage and reach the audiences of every age!

CJO is looking for a volunteer coordinator.

Duties include:

  • Welcome new volunteers by guiding them and connecting them to appropriate directors.
  • Keep a current roster of volunteers.
  • Work with directors to encourage them to be accepting of all volunteers.
  • Connect with directors and officers and be aware of volunteers needed to fill the committees.
  • Specifically for concerts, send out dates and positions required in advance to secure positions.
  • Work with the concert coordinator to know of any additional roles required for each show.
  • Follow up after the concert to thank the volunteers.
  • Devise a method of keeping track of concert volunteer hours throughout the year
  • Request that directors, officers, and all other volunteers log hours for grant application purposes.
  • Two-year term. Multiple term renewals are possible.

Please contact info@calgaryjazzorchestra.com to discuss joining our team!

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