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Volunteer Treasurer

The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) is looking for a volunteer treasurer.

AMPA is a vital, sustainable member association that sustains a healthy magazine industry by serving the people who publish, create, print and distribute a uniquely Albertan view of the world.

Authority and Responsibilities: To oversee the financial functioning of the organization


  • Knowledge of, and commitment to, AMPA’s mission and strategic plan.
  • Broad business knowledge and financial management experience.
  • Delegation, management skills.
  • Accounting skills and background.

General Duties

In addition to the responsibilities outlined for a member at large:

  • Serves on the executive committee.
  • Gives quarterly reports to the board on the financial status of the organization.
  • Keeps financial reports on file.
  • Produces a financial report for the annual general meeting.
  • Aids in the development of the annual budget in conjunction with the executive director.
  • Participates in quarterly budget reviews.
  • Communicates to the board on financial issues, in partnership with executive director.
  • Liaises with AMPA’s accountant to oversee the annual audit.
  • Evaluates AMPA’s short and long-termed financial management strategies, making recommendations for improvements and risk management.
  • Promotes the organization’s purpose in the community.

For questions and to apply email director@albertamagazines.com.

For more information and the full posting, visit albertamagazines.com.

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