WGA Annual Conference 2023: Origins

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WGA Annual Conference 2023: Origins

Online and in-person at Fort Calgary (750 – 9 Ave. SE)
Date: June 2 – 4, 2023

Origin is defined as the point or place where something begins, arises or is derived, but what does that mean for a writer?

The WGA looks forward to facilitating a return to networking, publishing, genre and craft in another hybrid-focused conference. Our hope is that participants are able to make new connections, foster old ones and network with other writers and industry professionals over the course of an entire weekend. We look forward to presenting panels, workshops and masterclasses that will allow literary folks to delve into a plethora of themes and genres.

As writers we have the ability to examine alter egos, create and destroy worlds, and establish origin stories for ourselves — and for our characters — when and where we see fit. Let’s explore these ideas and more, in-person and/or virtually, from June 2 – 4 at Fort Calgary.

Spotlight speakers include Alice Major and Waubgeshig Rice, who will be joining us in-person for keynotes on Friday and Saturday, respectively, and Emily St. John Mandel, who will be joining us virtually on Sunday for an in-conversation chat to discuss craft and her novel, The Sea of Tranquility (Random House, 2022).

Learn more and register at writersguild.ca.

Writers' Guild of Alberta's 2023 Annual Conference | A return to networking, publishing, genre and craft | June 2 - 4, 2023

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