Workshop: Painterly Printmaking

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Workshop: Painterly Printmaking

Instructor: Christina KrentzDuration: Three eveningsDates: October 10, 17, and 24, 2023Times: 6:30pm – 9pm

Come take a leap! Explore monotype techniques that will have you experimenting with loose and painterly mark making, while improvising on the press. You will be creating unique, one of a kind prints that focus on embracing the beauty of unexpected results. With no drawing skills required, you can embrace intuition and explore abstraction using additive and reductive techniques.

Great techniques for beginner and experienced printmakers who want to loosen up, embrace chance and work with staged accidents. Students will leave with multiple unique prints, a full understanding of how to create their own monotype prints and a renewed energy to create.

The instructor will cover:

  • Techniques and required tools for press based monotype printing
  • Mixing, applying and storing ink
  • Using the press
  • How to pull accurate prints
  • Troubleshooting and how to use accidents to your advantage
  • Cleanup and finishing your prints

Cost: $205 prices not subject to GST
Ages: Adults 18+ Years Old

For more information and to register visit

Class limited to five participants.

Instructor Bio

Christina Krentz is an abstract painter and printmaker, living and working in Calgary, AB. She approaches art with a commitment to chance and impulse over predetermined aesthetic, with a focus on process and material experimentation. Christina has an infectious passion for art, she is a great communicator and enthusiastic teacher. An experienced adult educator, Christina is also an active member of Alberta Printmakers, and a founding member of FEM ASSEMBLY, a feminist critique group in YYC.

​Instagram: @christinakrentz

For more information about Christina Krentz visit

Painterly Printmaking with Christina Krentz | October 10, 17, and 24, 2023 | Studio Workshop | Alberta Printmakers

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