Writing our Emerging Selves: An Experiment

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Writing our Emerging Selves: An Experiment

Early Registration Deadline: February 14, 2024

What would it look like to radically trust yourself in writing and beyond?

What would it feel like to know you are empowered to meet the edge of what you know and don’t know?

Are you curious about these questions?

Mar’ce Merrell, writer, and Christine Bizzell, strength guide, are co-creating an experience in uniting the power of presence with our natural gifts in writing.

In this Leap Day Writing Circle (and writing nest for the entire month of March), you will have the opportunity to see your power more clearly and wholly at the edge of creation and transformation.

Christine will guide four students in recognizing their natural strengths — the strengths which emerge from natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

We will all:

  • Complete a rigorous 177-question survey to reveal our natural patterns (CliftonStrengths34).
  • Work with her one-on-one in strength coaching.
  • Access an on-line learning course connecting our strengths with our experience.
  • Have the opportunity for more one-to-one coaching.

On Leap Day, we’ll all be gathered in The Writing Nest (hosted on Sutra).

We will all:

  • Engage in contemplation and creation through writing through daily invitations and feedback.
  • Play with words
  • Meet and share on live zoom calls each week.
  • Notice deeply, share our presence, and witness one another.

It’s a pilot project!

We think the people who would benefit most are:

  • In transition.
  • Feeling anxiety/worry/confusion/excitement about where they fit or how to move forward.
  • Interested in their inner exploration.
  • Interested in building nest buddies for life- relationships they can always come back to.
  • Interested in writing as a creative act.
  • Grounded in the theme/thread/root of our own stories, we can emerge with greater freedom – with wonder and curiosity of what could come next on our journeys.

We, your nest buddies and newest symbiotic community, will be witnesses to your strength and emergence.

For more information or to register, visit sutra.co/space.

Collaborative Partners: marcemerrell.com and canoncollaborative.com.

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