Your Shakespeare Monologue

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Your Shakespeare Monologue

With Iam Coulter

The deadline for this opportunity has passed.

When preparing a Shakespeare monologue, the actor’s challenge is often connecting to the text in personally meaningful and authentic ways that resonate with a modern audience (or potential directors) while maintaining the energy, intellectual understanding and vocal technique needed to embody heightened text.

This workshop will explore personal connection, the actor/audience relationship, balancing thought and emotion, and invigorating the artists’ imagination. Participants will challenge themselves emotionally, intellectually and physically as they explore the demands of fully embodying heightened text with truth, clarity and their own unique experience and humanity.
Space is limited in order to ensure each participant receives personal attention. Once the class is full, we will consider whether to open up spots for auditors.

Date: October 26, 2019, 10:00am – 5:30pm
Cost: $60
Location: Morpheus Rehearsal Centre, Parkdale Community Association (Lower Level, 3512 5th Ave. NW)

This valuable workshop presented at this low price in the spirit of community theatre.

For more information or to register online, visit

Register via email or phone at 403.246.2999.

What to Prepare

Students must come prepared with a 10 to 14 line monologue—written in verse—from a Shakespeare play. If you are unsure of whether your selection is verse or prose, you can email the speech to and I will let you know.

Once selected all participants should copy and paste the monologue into the body of an email and send it to for final approval.

Your character should human (e.g. no fairies or witches) but age and gender do not need to match your own. What important is that you feel a personal connection to the text, even if you aren’t sure what that connection is, or why you feel it. Please bring TWO hard copies of the speech with you to the workshop.


Iam Coulter is an actor, director, and teaching artist. She is the creative director of Iam Shakespeare and is the Head Speaker Coach for TEDxYYC 2020.

From 2004 to 2011, she served as the artistic producer of The Shakespeare Company in Calgary, Alberta. Her appetite for deeper understanding and specialized training experience led her to Lenox, Massachusetts’ Shakespeare & Company in 2012, where she trains with internationally renowned master teachers.

Iam has continued her studies with those masters, absorbing all she can while developing her own personal teaching style. She recently assisted faculty as a teacher trainee at the January 2018 month-long intensive, with a focus on text and clown. Iam has performed with Shakespeare & Company, Citadel Theatre, Theatre Calgary, Vertigo Mystery Theatre, Alberta Theatre Projects, Theatre Junction, and The Shakespeare Company.

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