Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Youth Singers of Calgary Society is currently seeking a treasurer to join its board of directors.

The treasurer reports to the board, monitors the ongoing financial viability and stability of the organization and reports to the board on a regular basis.

Time Commitment:

One board meeting per month, one annual general meeting, approximately once per month meet with the CEO and financial manager in preparation for board meetings. Commitment will increase in early spring when budgets are being prepared, and in the late summer when audited financial statements are being prepared.

The treasurer will oversee financial matters in line with good practice and in accordance with the governing documents and legal requirements, and report to the board of directors at regular intervals regarding the financial health of the organization.

In summary, the treasurer is responsible for:

  • General financial oversight.
  • Funding, fundraising, and sales.
  • Participating in the financial planning and budgeting process.
  • Financial reporting.

Given these responsibilities, the treasurer typically acts as an information and reference point for the chair and other committee members: clarifying financial implications of proposals; confirming legal requirements; outlining the current financial status and retrieving relevant documentation.

General Financial Oversight:

  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee.
  • Liaise with designated staff about financial matters.
  • Ensure that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place.
  • Ensure that record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Review all internal processes and reporting methods at least annually.

Funding, Fundraising, and Sales:

  • Advise on the organization’s fundraising strategy.
  • Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by funding bodies.
  • Ensure fundraising and sales complies with relevant legislation and is bound by effective financial systems and controls.
  • Ensure effective monitoring and reporting.

Financial Planning and Budgeting:

  • In conjunction with the CEO and/or other senior staff members, prepare and present budgets for new or ongoing work.
  • Advise on financial implications of strategic and operational plans.
  • Present revised financial forecasts based on actual spend.

Financial Reporting:

  • Present regular reports on the organization’s financial position.
  • Present accounts at the AGM.
  • Advise on the organization’s reserves and investment policy.

Please note that although the treasurer ensures that these responsibilities are met, much of the work may be delegated to paid staff or volunteers.

All members of the board are expected to provide revenue-generating contributions towards fundraising activities of the organization. Board members are expected to solicit sponsorships, donations and contributions for these fundraising events.

Interested applicants, please submit a resume and cover letter to the attention of Shirley Penner, CEO, via

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