Community Liaison

Our community liaison connects and serves as a bridge between the Calgary Arts Development team and the greater arts community in Calgary.

Our community liaison assists artists and arts organizations in various ways:

  • Facilitate collaboration: Foster partnerships between artists and local businesses, community groups, or other organizations to enhance exposure and support.
  • Promote Opportunities: Share information and resources about grants, exhibitions, and other opportunities available to artists within the community.
  • Seek Feedback: Act as a liaison to gather community input.
  • Offer peer support: Support the community in case of any concerns, conflicts or questions among artists, arts organizations, and the community, working towards constructive resolutions.

In essence, the community liaison works to strengthen the relationship between artists, arts organizations and the community, fostering a vibrant and mutually beneficial cultural ecosystem. Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Truth & Reconciliation are the basis of the community liaison’s work.

If you are an artist or arts and culture worker in Calgary/Mohkinsstsis or the surrounding area looking for information and resources for your artistic practice and career, please reach out. Our community liaison has information available for established, emerging, newcomer, refugee and immigrant artists. You can schedule an appointment by calling 403.264.5330 (ext.105) or emailing