International Festival of Song and Chamber Music

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International Festival of Song and Chamber Music

The International Festival of Song and Chamber Music is dedicated to providing both concert and educational opportunities for young professional musicians.

Our mandate is to provide concert experience as well as training completion at the highest level. The society continues to pursue policies of inclusivity and diversity in our ongoing search for young artists who we believe will benefit from the programming we offer.

The International Festival of Song and Chamber Music Society runs two different programs—an educational festival (the Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music) and a young artist concert series (the Mountain View Connection Concert Series). Since its inception, the festival has provided opportunities for young musicians to perform in a relaxed setting, in association with, or under the guidance of teaching and performing mentors. This mentorship has become a cornerstone of almost all of our public presentations.

Calgary audiences benefit greatly also from these programs. We program unique, rarely heard musical selections with upcoming young musicians as well as some of Canada’s top professionals in concert, at reasonable ticket prices.

In 2016, the society began a new initiative, the Mountain View Winter Festival. The focus of this festival was chamber music, specifically string chamber music, though—true to our typically diverse and blended programming—a clarinettist, singer, and pianists were also involved.



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