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Kyle Marks Projects

Kyle Marks is an exciting Project platform developed by artists Jeff Bray and Dallas Seitz. Both artist’s using curating as part of their practice, aspire to bring a new platform to view art in spaces not normally seen as art spaces, challenging both the audience and the artist. As artists leading the projects we understand and encourage the risk and experimentation artists may not take in a “white cube” space but which is vital to the artistic process whilst also providing a challenge for the audience. Since October 2018 Kyle Marks has produced 16 monthly exhibitions in unusual spaces in Calgary including: a hundred and fourteen year old rock cellar, an outdoor skating rink, a local council boardroom restroom, a historic dance hall, a shipping container, a tent trailer in a local park, the back of a truck parked in a Cul-de-sac, and an empty warehouse space in Inglewood.



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