Meenakshi Girdhar

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Meenakshi Girdhar

I am an artist inspired by the natural worlds of beauty and mystery. It means I interact with nature using multiple senses (including sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). My paintings celebrate colour, form and texture and meditate on the relationship between light, shadow and atmosphere. I work in all medium like watercolour, acrylic, oil colour and mix media. My favourite medium is watercolour which I work in, and for materials I mostly use poona handmade paper 200 and 300 gsm, round brushes and sometimes flat brush for background.

Most of time my themes are related to different those of plants, lands, birds trees flowers and many more from nature. Currently I am working on a series of sparrows’ lives. My paintings are often from nature but they are not simply depictions of the world around us, but rather an expression of my emotional and connection to the natural world. The reason I like watercolours the most most is transparency and  simplicity. This medium can help you control how paints and water behaves, including it’s texture, how it’s flows, how it’s left from the paper and how fast it dries.

There are a few basic ways which I mostly use in water medium, the wet-on-we’ method I mostly use for landscape, simple skies, background or soft washes because the effect gives us a nice flowy look that can be applied in different ways. This is a beautiful aspect of this technique; watercolour dries in mysterious ways, once the paint has completely dried, you will see that it’s changed even more. It’s a normal for colours to appear less vibrant once they have dried. And these things you can see in my work. To achieve more precise and define shape I use wet-on-dry. Most illustration-style watercolour are achieved using wet paint over a dry area. I also use colour mixing/building up colour — this technique helps us practice building up colour from plain water to a saturated paint mix. Or we can get different values by using one colour.

When I work on canvas, whether I use oil or acrylic paint, I like vibrant colours. When I work in mixed media, I prefer acrylic paints because this paint acts as an adhesive and dries clear. It also makes a good surface for drawing on with graphite, oil pastel, oil sticks etc,. Sometimes I do thin acrylic paint with a water or glazing medium to produce watercolour like effect on huge canvas. I brush on acrylic paints thickly alone or with a gel medium for  effects similar to those of oil paint.

Even then, I always keep doing new experiments in my work.the most important thing I can do as an artist is to affect the way someone thinks and to bring a deeper of some aspects of the world to someone through my art work.



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