Nathan P Meguinis, Buffalo boy, Travelling Rock, Kind hearted man

#269 Big Plume Rd.
Tsuutina, Alberta
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Nathan P Meguini Artist Portfolio

Nathan P Meguinis, Buffalo Boy, Travelling Rock, Kind Hearted Man

Tsuutina, Sarcee, Dene Nation.

Treaty 7.

Full-time Artist, Illustrator, murals , Graphic art, Animator, Powwow Dancer, YellowHand, & Protector.

My artwork is a creative visual expression of my cultural heritage, and spiritualism, with contemporary stylization; a mix of abstractionist and realism.

I provide a cultural rich custom artwork for a lot of different art projects.

My focus has been realistic mix with abstract but I also do contemporary art.

Some of service, portrait, sketches, paintings, realism or abstract on canvas or as a large mural.

I can also render archive B/W photos painting, or photoshop then adding colouring to bring it to life.

I have done many custom logos so I am able to provide unique symbolism logo that can be simple or something artistic, and some motifs concepts.

My murals also reflect my art style also I am open to different concept which I can also provide sketched drafts.

Illustration for story books or novels, characters development, designing for books or animation.

Also bridging the culture gap by doing collaboration community artwork projects with students or a group.

My grandparents taught me a deeper spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the importance of finding, and maintaining balance so I try to promote that through my art. It was that which inspired me to learn more about the old pictographic on hide, old symbols, and traditions.

If interested in commissioning my artistic services or interested in my artwork.



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