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Image of Tiffany Wollman painting

Tiffany Wollman

Tiffany Wollman is a visual artist working predominately in oil paints, natural dyes, and coloured pencil. She is motivated by a sense of imagination, curiosity, sensitivity to the passage of time, responsibility to protect the land and water, and exploration of her Metis identity. Observation, photographs of her own and borrowed from journalist, memories of loved ones, lingering in the lines of flowers, sunset gazing, water glistens, and environmental issues, inform her colored drawings and oil paintings. She plays with soft and vibrant color palettes, directional paint strokes, flickers of white and ivory, and rarely uses the color red or black. The paintings are raw, dreamy, poetic, often autobiographical, and reduced to their essentials.

Wollman graduated from the Lethbridge College with Honours in Fashion Design (2005), and graduated from the Alberta University of the Arts with Distinction (2013). She represented Alberta at the BMO 1st! Art Student Invitational Competition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (2013). Some achievements include: Calgary Arts Development Small Experiments Grant (2017), Calgary Allied Arts Foundation Residency (2018), Arts Commons Lightbox Studio (2019), Plants and Flowers Indigenous Mural at Nose Hill Park (2021), and The Glow Festival (2022).



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