Equity & Diversity Reporting

As part of a partnership with the Calgary Congress for Equity and Diversity in the Arts (CCEDA), Calgary Arts Development is undertaking an equity and diversity measurement of Calgary’s arts sector. This requires some more detailed data from our funded clients, in three targeted areas:

  • Processes: The equity and diversity policies you have in place.
  • Programming: The number of diverse participants in your annual activities.
  • People: The demographics of your team.

While this reporting is mandatory for organizations funded through the Cornerstone Program, Operating Grant Program and Organizational Opportunity Grant Program, it has no bearing on 2017 funding disbursements. The purpose of this reporting is to provide detailed data needed for a demographic profile of Calgary’s arts sector, as represented by the organizations funded by Calgary Arts Development. The profile will report aggregated data only, and provide baseline data needed to accurately track and identify trends in Calgary’s arts sector.

The deadline to submit this reporting is December 31, 2017.

All individual and company data collected will be kept fully confidential, as per the code of conducts and regulations set out in Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act. Only aggregated data will be reported publicly, not any individual responses.

We recognize that this reporting may require a significant investment of time and resources, and thus create a burden for our clients who are already operating at capacity.

We’ve partnered with CCEDA on the In/Pact Initiative. CCEDA, a collective of equity-seeking advocates with a great deal of expertise in equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts, can provide individualized supports to complete the reporting.

We will also host a series of monthly community consultations, providing step-by-step instructions on reporting and individualized supports in resolving any reporting challenges you may have.

We are fully committed to assisting you in this process of providing your company-specific data. This comprehensive data is needed by us all to strengthen our sector as a whole and better attend to our collective, long-term sustainability.

Instructions and links to the online forms will be emailed to all organizations required to submit a report.

To request more information, please contact:


Thank you for your cooperation in this historic and important endeavour.