COVID-19 Short-Term Relief Funding

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COVID-19 Short-Term Relief Funding

Applications for the COVID-19 Short-Term Artist Relief Fund were closed as of the first assessment cut off date—12:00pm MDT, Wednesday, April 8—due to overwhelming demand greater than the funds available.

All eligible applications received by the stated cut off for the first assessment cycle were assessed according to the published criteria and process. 133 artists were funded to a total of $170,547.17. Elephant Artist Relief also received a grant of $30,000 to distribute through their individual artist relief funds.

As the entire available pool has been distributed, we will be unable to reopen the application process for this program. We acknowledge that the impact on our community due to COVID-19 is high and while we cannot support all eligible applicants, we will continue to advocate to ensure artists are supported in other ways with other levels of government funding. Please visit our COVID-19 information page for information about alternate resources.

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