Future Focus Program: 2023 Results

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Future Focus Program: 2023 Results

The Future Focus Program is a joint initiative of Calgary Arts Development, the Rozsa Foundation and the Calgary Foundation aimed at supporting Calgary-based arts organizations to investigate, plan and implement significant strategic adaptations in their operations. The goal of the program was to assist organizations in making strategic changes or decisions about their model, operations or focus that may inform how existing and future programs are developed and delivered. Through this program, organizations access funds to develop strategies and engage expertise to build their capacity and assist them in their journeys to navigate the questions, challenges and opportunities they face.

In the 2023 grant year, the Future Focus Program supported 18 organizations to a total of $253,239. Grants made through the November 2023 intake were paid in the 2024 grant year. For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Guidelines for the Future Focus Program. Due to the sensitive or confidential nature of work completed through this program, grantees will remain anonymous.

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