Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

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Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of the 2020 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives. This program provided one-time funding to support artistic projects by individuals and artistic collectives that strengthen our artistic communities and ensure that citizens of Calgary can experience what they have to offer.

In 2020, we received 171 applications requesting a total of $1,575,844.38. 94 projects were funded for a total of $850,019.51.

For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2020 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives.

Artist or Collective Project Grant Amount
8ROJO Developing The Immigration Project $10,000
Ahmed Gooda Artist Professional Development $8,808
Aimee-Jo Benoit TRIPTYCH $10,000
Alex Manitopyes In the City $9,200
Ali Bryan Takedown $7,400
Allan Brent Rosales Uncomfortable Conversations from the Silence: Portraits of Racism from FilipinX who call Calgary/Mohkinsstsis Home $10,000
Andrew Cooper Frankenstein $10,000
Andrew Mohr The Road to Greathaven $10,000
Ann Mansolino The Book, the Land, and the Self: Connections Between Self and Place in the Landscapes of Alberta $9,630.73
BrownKam BrownKam Music Video Production and Distribution $5,770
Bryan Faubert NYC/MTA:YYC/LRT $10,000
Calvin Gomez Thunder Of Alberta $10,000
Claudia Chagoya A Rose for Remembrance $8,700
Clea Anaïs Foo Fat Circle Zero – Video Series $8,666
Constantine Anastasakis Imperfect Symmetry $10,000
Crystal Eyes Crystal Eyes Music Video at the ‘Castle House’ $5,000
David Sklar The Engagement $10,000
Elijah Wells Professional development and research in digital capacity – photography and video editing $8,364
Eric Stroppel & Alex Mitchel Throwback $9,900
Erna Bianca Miranda & Keshia Maria Cheesman The F Word $9,920
Flint & Feather Flint & Feather – Renaissance $10,000
Fredy Rivas Highway II $10,000
Gary Spice Gary Spice Garden of Hope Album Production $10,000
Glenna Cardinal NUWI (over there – further) $10,000
Hanne Loosen For Design’s Sake – An experiment putting scenography first $9,946.40
Heather Hazlett Adapting to the Digital World $10,000
Hernan Moreno & Germán Rodriguez Mirrors and Windows $7,000
IDGAF Theatre Losing It at the End of the World & The Face-Off: A Series of Workshops $7,113.70
Ireke Amoji Smell da coffee African Caribbean Situational Comedy Video Pilot Project $10,000
Jacqs Walker Calgary without Patriarchy: Composers’ Collective & Recording $10,000
Jacqueline Aquines kapwa people: a sci-fi musical of an Anti-Racist Future $10,000
James Ziegler Shimmering Willows $10,000
Janey Luc-German Live Figure Drawing/Painting $1,800
Jason de Haan Structure for Observing Atypical Flight $10,000
Jessica McMann Indigenous Classical Music CD $10,000
Joline Olson I Always Knew: A Mixed-Orientation Marriage Book Manuscript project $5,715
Jordan Wieben Timeline Tourism Roleplaying Game $8,986
Julya Hajnoczky Creation of body of work Bloom $10,000
Kara Bullock $9,706
Katharina Schier Groundwork Residency: Movement Knowledge as a Kind of Cultural Knowledge $10,000
Kenna Burima & Brianna Strong While She Sleeps Songbook and Animation Album $10,000
Kerry Maguire Resonant and Deeper – Live AV Performance by Wish Lash $8,300
Kiana Rawji ESSENTIAL – Documentary on Essential Workers & the Cargill COVID-19 Outbreak $10,000
Kiana Wu The Strid: A Stage It! Playwright/Producer Performance with Downstage Theatre $10,000
Kyra Newton-Guy Blissful Dance Class $10,000
Landon Krentz Devising Deaf Theatre Workshop Series – Seeking Planet Eyeth (Working Title) $10,000
Lara Schmitz Delayed Deliverance Workshop $2,722.50
Laura Anzola Blue Borders $10,000
Lauren Chipeur Picking up, taking and filling $700
Le Cirque de la Nuit Wondrous Theatre Production $10,000
Lili Tayefi Intelligent Artifacts $9,990
Lindsay Bowman You Are Here (And So Am I) $10,000
Lisa Lipton Soon All Your Memories Will Be With Me $10,000
Maggie MacKenzie Sh*t Happens $10,000
Malavika Venkatsubbaiah Manasi $10,000
Mandy Morris Music with Mandy $10,000
Many Mothers Collective Urgency $10,000
Mar’ce Merrell On Culture and Embodiment: Fiction and Non-Fiction Works $10,000
Mark Kunji Ikeda Crime and Punishment Technical Residency $10,000
Matthew Gigg Val-d’Or Literary Manuscript $4,813.44
Melanee Jill Murray-Hunt Short Story Series $10,000
Michael Lohaus Awesome Fun Battle Time $10,000
Miruna Dragan Hummingbird Guided Meditation $9,410
Mudfoot Theatre Collective Jabber: The Folk Opera $10,000
Nurgul Rodriguez Vessels Project: A Container, a Book, a Body $10,000
Oksana Kryzhanivska Present – Augmented Reality Interactive Spaces $5,897
Pamela Tzeng SHED / knowing each other as different and the same (working title) $10,000
Peter Tertzakian Blackfoot Co-operative Coal Mine $10,000
Project InTandem Project InTandem commissions a double-bill dance production $10,000
Rocio Graham Art residency at KOAC and the creation of The nest studio garden a legacy project $10,000
Sandra Vida Way Station $8,550
Sarah Graham Waiting for the Storm to Break $10,000
Sarah MacDonald Live-stream Flute Recital $2,500
Sasha Ivanochko The March $10,000
Savanna Harvey Wastelands Summer Workshop 2020 $10,000
Sebastian Buzzalino Little Deaths $8,461.74
Seniors’ Acting Lab Signage $10,000
Seth Cardinal Dodginghorse The Tsuut’ina War $10,000
Shaun Crawford Here & After $4,719
Simon Chan The Hare & The Hound $10,000
Stacy Da Silva Virtually Haute $10,000
Stefanie Kathleen Barnfather Scattered $10,000
Tara WIlson The Gateway Project $10,000
The Deep End Collective Bungalow $10,000
The Hello Darlins The Hello Darlins – Marketing Support $10,000
Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre The Born Again Crow Gwandaak Co-Production $10,000
to the AWE to the AWE Season #4: RAW FEST $10,000
Todd Kipp The Butcher, Short Film – Post Production Phase $10,000
Tracy Breaker BSEP – Broadening Artistic Ability $7,000
Tunnel A monument to tears $5,900
Tyler Klein Longmire Renderfam (animated short film): final production and post-production phase $10,000
Wil Knoll observationTwo $9,430
Yolkless Press Yolkless Press $10,000
Yvonne Kustec Year Long Artist Residency at Medalta $10,000

This program is supplemented through donations from:

Calgary Arts Foundation, Calgary Foundation, and RBC

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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