Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

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Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of the 2021 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives. This program was intended to provide one-time project funding to individual artists and artist collectives in Calgary working in any artistic discipline who pursue a professional practice. Projects include the creation, development, production, presentation or dissemination of artistic work. Applicants could also apply for professional or career development projects.

Calgary Arts Development grant investment programs for individual artists and artist collectives are supplemented through the Cultural Vitality Fund, with donations from Calgary Arts Foundation, Calgary Foundation, individual donors, RBC, the Auxilium Foundation, the Palmer Family Foundation, and an anonymous donor to the Edmonton Community Foundation. We thank these donors for their generous support. We received 306 applications requesting $4,258,149, and were able to support 86 projects with $1,246,862.26.

For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2021 Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives.

Grantee Project Grant Amount
Adam Mbowe To Love and to Cherish $15,000
Allan Brent Rosales ACCLAIMED SPACES: A Book of Second Generation Filipinx-Canadian Poetry (Working Title) $15,000
Allison Lynch What The Wind Said Next $11,888
Anna Cooley 300 Million BC $15,000
AsimOverstands & Kiran Sthankiya Cold Tea $20,000
Brandon Giessmann heavy belonging $15,000
Brenda Luong Impact of Barriers $11,858
Brett Dahl Bee-Beautiful $12,000
Caitlin Thompson Swamped $13,000
Calgary Puppeteer Collective From Beyond $20,000
Canadian Cutters Digital Research Initiative Canadian Cutters Digital Research Initiative $9,417.62
Carmen Cecilia Barboza YYC Pandemic Snapshots $13,283.74
Cave Opera Collective (Jean-Louis Bleau & Peter Balkwill) Aquaritus – A puppet opera presented in the heart of a cave $20,000
Chad Blain Snowboarding Saves $9,500
Christina Krentz Artistic Development and Creation $13,250.31
David Feehan I’m Not a Robot $13,300
David Sklar The Revil $15,000
Dawn Nagazina Michif $15,000
De-Ann Weekes Dunham – Traditional African Dance Technique Research With Extended Movement Study Creation $15,000
Deaf Antlers Deaf World $20,000
Deedra Salange Ladouceur Downtime With Deeds $15,000
Dust Me or Someone Like Me $15,000
Elaine Weryshko MASS $15,000
Elijah Wells Stitches $7,800
Ellipsis Tree Collective The Anthropology of Blackness: a response $20,000
Eric Pauls At the Bottom of the Baptismal Tank $15,000
Esteban Herrera Colibri de papel (Paper hummingbird) $15,000
Feyisayo Fagbamila Heart to heart song and video production & album launch $15,000
Gayathri Shukla Butterflies: Transformative Stories of Immigrant Women $14,997
Geraldine Fuenmayor A theatre script for lesbian visibility $13,525.86
Groove Theory Calgary Working Title – A Visual Body of Work $20,000
Hebert Poll Gutiérrez Emí Laará: Small stories to dream $15,000
HTMFIY30s Collective How To Make Friends In Your 30s – Digital Series $14,530
illhumanation studios Paper Planes $20,000
Jacqueline Russell Allergic to Water creation and development process $10,399
Jairus Sharif Jairus Sharif – Untitled Full-Length Album 2022 $14,687.50
Jonathan McCaslin Calgary Jazz Composers Concert Series at Theatre 1308 $15,000
Juanita Dawn Professional development, Academy of the Wooden Puppet by Bernd Ogrodnik $3,005
Judith Mendelsohn (Not Just) a Chair $15,000
Julya Hajnoczky Prairie Biome $11,910
Justin Dale Kenopsia $15,000
Kam Prada Family To Feed $15,000
Katie Green Family Portrait $14,886.88
Kelsey Andries SCALEY $12,095
Kris Demeanor The Great Alberta Sound Bath Experience $12,700
Landon Krentz 100 Years of Darkness – Professional Production $15,000
Laura Anzola & Matthew Waddell Collective Kidz Fun $20,000
Lauren Chipeur Ceramic Research and Exhibition at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery $9,974
Marie France Forcier Crux Arising $15,000
Mark Kunji Ikeda Roll For Initiative $10,000
McKiver McMann Duo Indigenous Classical Music Comissions $17,700
Megan Feniak Stride Gallery Exhibition $9,390.04
Mia & Eric 3 WOODS: a trilogy of interdisciplinary, site-responsive, and community-engaged artworks in Europe $20,000
Mike Hooves Burnt Toast Studio Residency $7,737.56
MISTLA Merging $20,000
Moni Brar Research for poetry collection for familial intergenerational journey $10,649
Mudfoot Theatre Yabber: A Folk Opera $19,913
NAPPY (Not A Political Playground Y’all) Dance Collective Black Empowerment Dance Project $20,000
Nicola Waugh Where the Deer and the Antelope Play $11,710
Olawunmi Idowu Mentorship for Impact Filmmaker $15,000
Ollee Owens Ollee Owens Album (Title TBD) $15,000
Pamela Tzeng Reframing SHED for Mile Zero Dance Edmonton Residency and Presentation in 2022 $15,000
Project InTandem Project InTandem on Tour $20,000
Sacha Michaud Camping $15,000
Sammy Jean Vocal Coching $5,400
Savanna Harvey & Lindsey Zess Wastelands Premiere 2021 – Festival of Animated Objects $15,000
Sebastian Palencia Exploration of Motion $14,237
Seniors’ Acting Lab Senior Matters $20,000
Sharon Stevens AfterWords $7,898
Shona Rae Converse Subversives $14,800
Stephanie Jurkova-Abaco Professional Training Program 2021 $1,200
Tank Standing Buffalo Stonecoat $15,000
Tereasa Maillie Research for book: Pride Land – Queer Heroes and Leaders in Canada $5,500
The Collective of Alexandra Contreras, Sarah Uwadiae & Katharina Schier A Nutcracker: Investigating hierarchy in ballet and harmful representation of non-western dance $19,500
The Fly Muse Collective The Fly Muse Collective Presents Flytrap: Weapon of Mass Creation $17,500
The Gold Rush Redux Collective The Gold Rush Redux $20,000
The Lovebullies The Lovebullies album #4 $20,000
The Maria Crooks & Caroline Russell-King Collective Discovering Selma Burke $18,000
The ROOTS Collective (Toyin Oladele & Valerie Planche) Fear or Freedom $19,863.25
The Writing Team of Kodie Rollan & Alixandra Cowman Little Elves the Musical – Development $19,956.50
Thomas Geddes Dayuhan Hayop (Foreign Beast) Short Film Monster Design Workshop $10,500
TRAction Climate Art Network $20,000
Vicki Chau Yolkless Press: Documentary $15,000
Vincent Ho Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra (with spatialized saxophone ensemble) $10,000
White Owl Shoots Far White Owl Shoots Far $20,000
Who Cares? “Who Cares?” Summer 2021 Video Project $2,400

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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