Project Grant Program — Individuals and Collectives: 2023 Results

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Project Grant Program — Individuals and Collectives: 2023 Results

The Project Grant Program for Individuals and Collectives was intended to provide one-time project funding to individual artists and artist collectives in Calgary / Mohkinsstsis working in any artistic discipline who pursue a professional practice. Projects could include research, creation, development, production, presentation or dissemination of artistic work, or the experimentation or development of new or adapted approaches to practice.

This program was supplemented by Calgary Arts Foundation through gifts from the Auxilium Foundation, Calgary Foundation, and Individual Donors.

We received 509 eligible applications requesting $7,085,175, and were able to support 163 projects to a total of $2,303,306. For information about how this program was assessed, please see the Terms of Reference for the 2023 Project Grant for Individuals and Collectives.

Grantee Project Grant
Aaron Giovannone Tales from the Top Rope: The World of Calgary Pro Wrestling $7,220
Ado Nkemka “Death By Estrangement” Album Recording $15,000
Adrian Gonzalez De la Peña Naualli Short Film $15,000
Alana Bartol Is This For You? $8,088.20
Alex Rettie Complete Poetry Manuscript $10,468
Alexa McGinn Celexia $15,000
Alicia Buates McKenzie Mestisa Shields, Mestisa Graves $15,000
Andrew Cooper Among Us Short Film $15,000
Angela Boehm Minus 30 Art Photobook Publication $15,000
Angela Waldie Flyway $12,972
Anna Kinderwater Wait for Me $15,000
Anna Shannon The Untold Story of Mrs. Buell $14,700
Ari Agha Reimagining Key of T: Engaging Audiences for Social Justice $14,338.95
Asim Overstands and Kiran Sthankiya City Portraits $20,000
Asiya Iskander Ballroom Dance After-School Program for Immigrant Kids $15,000
asmaa al-issa Paintings for Hedayet $14,806
Belle Auld Sandra Botting and the History of Midwifery in Alberta $14,095
Brandi Sidoryk Songwriting and Building of a Demo Portfolio $15,000
Brandon Prince Sunrise and Sunsets $8,162.05
Brayden Bell Brayden Bell – Box Office Bomb $15,000
Brock Geiger Steps Taken, Alexander – Collaborative Video Production $14,300
BrownCow Collective (Ryan Maschke) BrownCow Collective’s Production of “Ride The Cyclone” $20,000
Bruce Miller Conviction – Development $15,000
Bukky Wonda 8 Week Filmmaking Workshop $15,000
Caitlind Brown & Wayne Garrett Idle Worship: mobile art exhibition $20,000
Calgary Concert Opera (Barbara King) Calgary Concert Opera presents Nabucco in concert by Verdi $20,000
Cameron Macgowan SEED Completion $15,000
Carlan Hughes Fifty Fifty Print Distro $12,200
Carly Reirson Diary of a Beating Heart Album Recording $15,000
Carol Beecher Songs of the Quickdraw Animation Society $15,000
Cassandra Suche Concrete Mould Sculpture Explorations $10,531.84
Catherine Hayward Coalescent-Contemporary Dance Production $13,600
Cecilia Alcaraz Literary Work – contemporary novel with historical elements $14,978.72
Chad Blain Road To The Mecca – Documentary Film – Production Phase $14,430
Cholo Cabarroguis Tavern Trail $14,983.94
Christal Cam Dragons and Bots Young reader Graphic Novel $15,000
Christina Krentz Hiding & Revealing Through Abstraction $15,000
Christine Brubaker Digital Dramaturgy and Direction for Rella’s Cambrian Dream $15,000
Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ (Sarah Houle-Lowry) Cîpayak ᒌᐸᕀ Marketing and Visuals $20,000
Conscious Calligratherapy (Michelle Housley) Calligratherapy: Mindfulness practice for you and your family. $17,879
Crystal Eyes (Erin Jenkins) Crystal Eyes 2023 Recording Project $10,000
Daniela Szeoke Large-Scale Mural in Downtown YYC $15,000
Deanna Witwer Deanna Witwer choreographic commission $12,600
Dempsey Bolton Creation of 7-Track Album $11,500
Dick Averns Illuminating Language $14,952.70
Douglas Winnipeg The Pendleton Man $15,000
EDJE Dance Theatre (Jocelyn Leiver) Tempel Anneke $5,464.00
Elle McAndrews Project Ember LP $15,000
Eric Hamelin Writing and demo recording for upcoming Eric Hamelin collaborative project $7,014.02
Fatemeh Tara Vahab Women! Life! Freedom! $15,000
Firuze Avci A Reflection on Migration and Belonging $9,032.54
Geraldine Fuenmayor Tuberose, ginger, and other essences – World Premiere $15,000
Ghoul Nexus (Taylor Nodrick) Shattered Dreams $20,000
Gillian McKercher Lucky Star – spring shoot and score creation $15,000
Ginger Beef (Jiajia Li) Ginger Beef Music Video “Takeout” Production $20,000
Harpreet Dayal Love Notes $15,000
Ingrid Vargas Zero Hour $15,000
Isis Grace Graham Versions Family-Friendly Patio Parties Season 10 $10,879
J Stevens Threadbare $7,922
J.E. (Jayne) Barnard Rooftop Scientists $6,000
Jacqueline Huskisson Miasma- Glogauair Residency Berlin $11,290.18
Jamie Konchak LiLuune $15,000
Jamie Tognazzini 2 week Songwriting phase of New Interdisciplinary Musical creation $10,621
Janey Luc-German Play With Arts $15,000
Jared Tailfeathers Collective Unconscious $15,000
Jason Filiatrault “Now, I Am A Bear” $15,000
Javier Vilalta Developing The Strategy of War with Downstage $15,000
Jen Zhao Finding Nathan (With Jen Zhao) $15,000
Jennifer Stables Sparrow Artspace Puppetry Art Residency $15,000
Jeremy Gignoux Violin Trio Creation with Clown $14,800
Jerome de Gourville Losing In Vain – Rome IX Debut Album $14,550
Jessica McMann Album Release Tour – Prairie Dusk $15,000
Jill Roberts The Werewolf of Bowness $5,346.08
John Wayne’s Teeth (Kaytlyn Turner) The Wild Sheriff $19,755
Jose Macasinag Flutter $7,107.99
Jude Griebel Revenants: New Sculptural Works $15,000
Kamran Ahamed Kam Prada Album $15,000
Kara Bullock Motherhood Project Residency $14,916.66
Karl Hirzer Crystal Clear $15,000
Karolina Goldyn Goldyn & Bespoke $15,000
Kat Simmers Pass Me By: Lily $14,614.52
Katharina Schier Choreographic Research $5,500
Katie Green Family Constellation $15,000
Kayla Williams Recording new music – Nostalgic Magic four-song EP $15,000
Kaytlyn Turner Puddy Tat $14,408.97
Kenna Burima Creativity and The Song $15,000
Kirti Bhadresa Identity, Labour and Love: A Journey Through A Lifetime of Work $10,738.95
KODAE (Eric Osborne) KODAE Debut Album Marketing Support $20,000
Kodie Rollan One Month Writing Workshop for Act II of Little Elves the Musical (Collective application – Kodie Rollan & Alix Cowman) $14,986.40
Kyle Whitehead Monograph Cinema – Public Screenings and Workshop 2023/2024 $8,500
Lara Schmitz Weak Constitution $9,450
Laura O’Grady The Thunder of Clouds $15,000
Levi Holwell I Was Supposed To Be Happy By Now – Short Film $15,000
Lili Tayefi Unveiled Traditions: Navigating Identity by Merging 2D/3D Artistic Practice for Feminist Exhibition $15,000
Linda Kee Magpahayag (to usher in): a Filipinx Forum Theatre Exploration $15,000
Liquid on Stage (Fangzheng Wang) Liquid on Stage presents: They Must Have Smoked, in Calgary Fringe $20,000
Lo-fi Spectacle Club (Marina Buston) medicine cabinet $19,853
Lorrie Matheson Lorrie Matheson // solo album project $15,000
Louie Fermor The Devil Finally Gets His Rest: First Draft $14,979.35
Luis Tovar Venezuelan-Jazz Fusion EP $13,350
Luminous (James Ziegler) Traces of Consciousnes Immersive Events $20,000
Major Matt Mason Collective (Evan Medd) Love & Rage – First Phase of Development $11,700
Matteo Barbi Versvs – The Bridge $15,000
Meadowsweet (Alice Hedley) A musical exploration of darkness and light $16,905.80
Melanie Henderson Batycky Not Forgotten $8,000
Mercedes Webb / ma̱lidi and Kaylee Maciejko Masus weλəɫəʔos? I hear Omhkoohkaa $20,000
Mewael Hadera MIZAN – Debut Music Album by Moël $15,000
Mexican Women Artist Collective (Almendra Vergara) “Be Yourself, Feel Free, Empowering Women and Children. Multidisciplinary Art project $9,522.80
Mia + Eric (Mia Rushton) Art School $20,000
Michele Moss Why Dance? vol. 5 – A culminating community event $15,000
Michelle Ku Mind Body – Moving Paintings $14,996
Miesha & The Spanks (Miesha Louie) Video Assets – “Unconditional Love In Hifi” $20,000
Molly Caldwell On The Mend: Textiles and Healing (II) $15,000
Morgan Ermter Crow $15,000
Mudfoot Theatre Collective (Geneviève Paré) Bow River Boat Pageant $6,525
Muntalus Music Band (Sajith Ellepola) CGS 2023 & 2024 $18,565
NASARIMBA (Mikhail Miller) NASARIMBA Inglewood Mural $19,896.82
Natasha Jensen Plant Hunter $14,014.64
Nathan Krentz Exploring the Intersection of Traditional and Contemporary Music and Sound $12,275
Neil MacGonigill Ian Tyson – “Payphone In Paradise” – recording project $5,960
New Blood Collective (Austin Ladouceur) New Blood Documentary $19,545
Nia Devetzis Percussion and Drum Institute at the Mount Royal Conservatory $4,600
Nura Ali Exhibition Catalogue for an group exhibition of Black Prairie Artists at the Bows and Stride Gallery in September 2023 $14,965
Olamide (Mide) Kadiri Breakthrough $15,000
Pansy Club (Cal Gibbens) Pansy Club Collective $20,000
Paola Contreras Arreaga Duck $15,000
Patrick Njapa Calgary Intercultural Youth Choir $15,000
Paulo da Costa Hummingbird Memory $11,850
Priscilla Cherry The Oratory $15,000
Project InTandem (Sylvie Moquin) Creation & Production of new dance work Exile by Meghann Michalsky $20,000
Randy Bradshaw The Manifest Life of Lady Bella Lougheed $13,011
restnotatrest (Rebecca Bruton) 100 Tiny Gestures: PHASE ONE – Development Residency $14,936.50
Sean MacAlister project spaces publication $15,000
Sebastian Hutchings Songs of Manyselves $12,000
Seniors Acting Lab (Louise Day) Senior Matters III $19,501.10
Serenella Sol Argueta Where am I from? – A Performance Creation $15,000
Sharon Stevens Artifact? (or fiction) $2,400
Shelby Charlesworth Create & Develop: Impacts of the Opioid Epidemic in Canada $15,000
Shivering Strings (Teresa Baird) Shivering Strings Calgary Fiddle Workshop 2024 $4,800
Sofiya Iurkevych Lullaby of Reeds $15,000
Spencer Burgess The Water $15,000
Stephanie Alexandre Kindling $1,642.17
Sub Chakra (Blaine Kingcott) Sub Chakra Sound System $20,000
SunCross Productions (Hrachya Tokmajyan) Mayr $20,000
Sunflower Collective Theatre (Eden Middleton) Date Night $14,715.70
Susan Forest First draft of a historical novel, The Shadow Spy’s Daughter $5,000
Tadpole (Isaac Szeto) Tadpole $20,000
Tara Wilson Exploring the interaction of dance and video projection $15,000
Tekoa Predika The Faces of Calgary Through a Historical Lens: A Tintype exploration. $15,000
The Femme Arts (Ximena Rios) Back Road $13,856
Trevor Solway Tales From The Rez Season 2 $15,000
Vahe Tokmajyan The Balance of Power $6,850.83
Val Duncan OMG SOMEONE DIES! 2024 $15,000
Valerie Chin Bridgeland Community Art Installation – Mandala Reflections $14,606.46
Vicki Chau An Operatic Heart $15,000
Vikramjeet Johal Time + Spaces $15,000
ViNa Nguyễn A Void Filled In (novel) $13,304.44
Vivek Shraya “Hate Club” music video $15,000
Winston Soyer Rhydrum Drum Instructor Development $15,000
Wyatt Louis Wyatt C. Louis Chandler Marketing 2023-24 $15,000
Yvonne Mullock Solo interactive exhibition at FAB Gallery, University of Alberta in January 2024 $15,000
Zachary Green Cancer Szn $15,000
Zaire Nahum Sealy When You Meet Yourself Album $14,475

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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