Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

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Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of the 2019 Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collectives.

This program is intended to provide one-time project funding to support artistic projects that exemplify what our artistic community has to offer and ensures citizens of Calgary continue to have access to meaningful, high-quality artistic experiences.

Phase 1 had a total of 173 eligible applicants totaling $2,559,937.00 requested funds and Phase 2 had a total of 65 eligible applicants totaling $975,240.09. requested funds. 34 projects were funded for a total of $530,008.88.

Due to some planned 2019 initiatives being deferred to 2020, Calgary Arts Development was able to reallocate dollars to Project Grants for applicants that were assessed just below the funding line.

The table below outlines those that received a grant, the project they applied for, and the amount of funding.

For more information about the assessment process for this program, please refer to the Project Grant Program – Individuals and Collective Terms of Reference.

Artist or Collective Project Grant Amount
Aaronvir Chatha Can’t Be Barbered: A Hairy Documentary $8,500
Aimee-Jo Benoit BOJORNER $10,000
Alia Shahab Mobile Artist Lab $20,000
Alycia Pirmohamed How to Say Dark $10,000
AsimOverstands Coloured – Season 2 $20,000
Barbara England l.o.v.e deconstructed: an interactive performance for and within the community $14,750
Baritone Madness Baritone Madness – Canadian Jazz Festivals 2019 $5,000
Brett Dahl Like Orpheus – Dublin Tour $17,683.53
Camille Pablo Russell Be Like a Buffalo, Face the Storm Four animated film shorts with Elder Pablo Russell $17,100
Elizabeth Stevens Call On Me Music Video – Creation and Screening $9,444
Eric Smith and Kyra Newton-Guy Unifying Movement and Sound $18,035.95
Hayward & Johnson Bodied Indivisible $20,000
Jessica McMann Dance Film $20,000
JiaJia Li Chinese Bamboo Flute Studying $2,708
Julya Hajnoczky Residency and Exhibition, Closer at  the Beaty Biodiversity Museum $17,182.40
Kenna Burima Singalongs for Elders $14,400
Kristy North Peigan Nitssaakita’paispinnaan: We are Still In Control $7,000
Leslie Bell Serious Play $20,000
Linnea Swan New Group Work $20,000
May Nyitrai Artistic production and research for upcoming exhibition. $20,000
Mel Vee Hudson Black Kid Joy $19,750
Melanee Murray-Hunt The Invincible Trayvon Martin Short Film $20,000
Nicole Danielle Tritter Among the Trees $20,000
Operation: Clean Slate Collective Operation: Clean Slate $20,000
Project InTandem Project InTandem 2.0: Double-Bill Dance Production $20,000
Rocio Graham Ayatana Botanical Art Residency and collaborative project with the Calgary Women’s Centre $6,880
Sikolohiyang Pilipino: Artistic Branch Beautiful Child: Interweaving connections between first and second-generation Filipino Canadians $20,000
TENDR – Two Emotional Nobodies Demanding Rights en·gen·der $6,575
The Selkie Collective Resiliency Anthology $15,000
to the AWE to the AWE 2019/20 Season $20,000
UpRoot YYC Decolonizing the Future $20,000
Vicki Chau HEARTH OF THE LION: A Celebration of Chinese Film, Food and Culture $20,000
Vinson & Simon Chan Laika: The First Cosmonaut $20,000
Wilmer Aburto Discípulos de Amor $10,000

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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