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Project Grant Program – Organizations

Calgary Arts Development has been reviewing our programs and surveying the arts sector to understand the impacts of COVID-19 and best meet the immediate, mid-term, and long-term needs of the arts sector. As a result of this review, the Project Grant for Organizations will no longer be offered in 2020.

This program will be replaced by the Resiliency Fund, which will distribute half of the $2,000,000 in Emergency Resiliency Funds granted by The City of Calgary to support the recovery and resiliency of non-profit arts organizations. The $150,000 originally allocated to the Project Grant for Organizations will be added to this pool, and remain earmarked for arts organizations who do not currently receive operational funding from Calgary Arts Development.

The Resiliency Fund is intended to support initiatives that contribute to the resiliency of the arts sector through adapted approaches to organizations’ business and artistic practices. This could include partnerships or mergers, or new platforms for content delivery or community engagement all with the hopes of ensuring long term sustainability. This fund will invest in those organizations that are pivoting to reflect the new realities facing the sector.

This program continues to meet the goal of Calgary Arts Development’s project granting programs to support initiatives or projects that strengthen our artistic communities and ensure that citizens of Calgary can experience what the arts sector has to offer.

Please review the Resiliency Fund guidelines, and contact with any questions.

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