Project Grant Program – Organizations

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Project Grant Program – Organizations

Calgary Arts Development is pleased to release the results of the 2019 Project Grant Program – Organizations.

This program is intended to provide equitable access to one-time project funding on a yearly basis to arts organizations not funded through the Operating Grant or City-Builder programs from 2019 onwards. It supports projects that exemplify what our artistic community has to offer and ensures citizens of Calgary continue to have access to meaningful, high-quality artistic experiences.

Phase 1 had a total of 61 eligible applicants totaling $903,166.08 requested funds and Phase 2 had a total of 45 eligible applicants totaling $687,837 requested funds. 17 projects were funded for a total of $247,224.13.

Due to some planned 2019 initiatives being deferred to 2020, Calgary Arts Development was able to reallocate dollars to Project Grants for applicants that were assessed just below the funding line.

The table below outlines those that received a grant, the project they applied for, and the amount of funding.

For more information about the assessment process for this program, please refer to the Project Grant Program – Organizations Terms of Reference.

Organization Project Grant Amount
Bug Incision Presents Bug Incision Presents Archival Project $6,224.13
Alberta Association of Artist-run Centres AAARC National Conference $17,650
Binhi Ng Lahi Philippine Folk Dance Troupe Dance Recital – Ang BINHI (The SEED) $18,000
Calgary Pride Memorial Park Pride $20,000
Chromatic Theatre Gimme Chance, Leh $10,000
East Side Dance Festival East Side Dance Festival $10,000
Evergreen Theatre Society Rehearsals in Residence $12,500
Facet Music Song of the Phoenix – 2020 Chinese New Year Concert $14,200
Femme Wave Femme Wave 2019 $19,000
Major Matt Mason Collective Premium Content $15,000
Ribbon Rouge Artist Listening Campaign $15,000
Sarb Akal Music Society of Calgary Indian Classical Music Festival Calgary $19,000
The Women’s Centre of Calgary Women’s Artist in Residence Program 2019/20 Season $10,000
THIRD ACTion Film Festival Limited 2020 THIRD ACTion Film Festival $11,000
Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre Collective Hucksterland development funds $9,650
Wandering Spirit History for the Future $20,000
Woezo Africa Music & Dance Theatre UNGANISHA: Explore. Connect. Dance $20,000

Accountability Reports and Year-End Financials

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