Guidelines: Cornerstone Program 2018

Guidelines: Cornerstone Program 2018

Along with our Operating Grant Program, the goal of the Cornerstone Program is to ensure that Calgary arts organizations have the opportunity to excel and strategically achieve their mandates with a stable base of resources.

Program Description

The Cornerstone Program provides stable investment in arts organizations that play an integral role in sustaining Calgary’s overall arts ecosystem. Because of their size and scale, contribution to their discipline and history of ongoing engagement with Calgarians, these organizations are civic institutions enriching the artistic and creative vibrancy of Calgary.

2018 Reporting Guidelines

Cornerstone organizations will be required to submit the following as an interim report by March 31, 2018. Reports must be submitted through the online grant interface.

Fair Notice Policy

This policy ensures that organizations receiving annual operational funding from Calgary Arts Development do not see major fluctuations in their grants in any single assessment year. This policy also limits an assessment panel’s ability to remove an organization from a program or significantly decrease an organization’s operational grant without notice. It also creates a platform to measure and record risks within Calgary Arts Development’s portfolio of investments and encourages grant recipients to work with Calgary Arts Development to create strategies that remedy high-risk conditions.

In addition to the assessment process above, Calgary Arts Development staff and assessors will review applications to ensure that there are no significant risks to an organization’s resiliency. Identified risks may result in a resiliency flag and open the organization to reductions to grant amounts as outlined in the Fair Notice Policy.

Organizations Flagged in 2017

All organizations flagged in 2017 provided a written update outlining resiliency concerns to Calgary Arts Development. Organizations who were flagged in 2017 will receive a request for an update on the flag conditions in March 2018, separate from the required interim report.


Our team is here to support you! If you have any questions about the program contact the Community Investment team at or 403.476.2031.

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