Applications closed

Calgary Arts Development has decided to close the InvestYYC program and platform as of January 1, 2016.

Calgary Arts Development is committed to providing investment programs which are adaptive and responsive to the needs of our arts community, and which provide high return on investment for artists, arts organizations and their supporters. Calgary Arts Development has completed a full program review of the InvestYYC platform and will be closing the program based on the results of this review and feedback received from clients and investors.

Developed as a legacy project of Calgary’s year as a Cultural Capital of Canada, InvestYYC was a crowdfunding website exclusively for Calgary-based artists and arts organizations to raise funds, find volunteers and generate awareness.

On behalf of all artists and organizations who received support through InvestYYC, Calgary Arts Development would like to thank the many donors and supporters who have contributed over $500,000 to the arts in Calgary since 2012.

Calgary Arts Development encourages artists and organizations to continue to explore crowdfunding through other platforms such as Alberta BoostRIndiegogo and Kickstarter. Calgary Arts Development will continue to amplify local crowdfunding campaigns through social media and web-based content.

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