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Jared Tailfeathers | Photo: Courtesy of Jared Tailfeathers

Jared Tailfeathers

Spanning graphic novels, painting, and music, learn more about this Blackfoot artist

Cherie McMaster

Dipping his toes into all sorts of materials, backgrounds, and artistic endeavours, Jared Tailfeathers continues to push forward and break boundaries with his creative life.

Tailfeathers is a Blackfoot artist. His work spans graphic novels, painting, music, and building musical instruments, and he works as a facilitator and community builder.

“I’m all of those things as well as a sort of historian, an amateur historian, especially over the last couple of years,” he says. “For me, as a Blackfoot artist, I’m actually biracial—my mom is Caucasian, my dad was born and raised on the Blood Reserve. And so, for me, it’s been very important over the past few years to really connect with that and for me to connect with that has been mostly just learning traditional methods of making.”

Tune into this week’s podcast to hear about his journey and to learn more about Calgary’s Cultural Instigators group.

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