A photo of JD Derbyshire
JD Derbyshire | Photo: Courtesy of JD Derbyshire

JD Derbyshire

Artist, writer, educator, and inclusive designer shares her passion for co-design

Cherie McMaster

An artist, writer, educator, and inclusive designer, JD Derbyshire’s background of stand-up comedy, playwriting, storytelling, interactive installation, and stage directing gives her unique tools to look at the complexity of the world.

Derbyshire holds a Masters in Inclusive Design from Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and creates playful, inclusive, interactive, and participatory experiences that push forward ideas of diversity, belonging, and interdependent communities.

“It’s design that asks the question who does design the world,” she explains. “Who does design processes? Who does design everything that we do? And does it work for everybody? I think that’s what it is.

“I like to think of the word inclusive meaning to belong, like that sort of demystifies it.”

She is currently the Artistic Director of Nervous System Performance based in Vancouver and the Inclusive Designer in Residence with Calgary Arts Development.

Tune in to hear more about who she is and what she’s working on in this edition of The Storytelling Podcast.

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