Shone Thistle

Shone Thistle smiling and wearing a red shirt and jean jacket with a triangle rainbow button
Shone Thistle Photo: Will Young

Shone Thistle

Calgary Poet Laureate 2024 – 2026

Shone Thistle is an author, poet and multidisciplinary artist. Their work ranges from radio to jazz ensemble, festival to conference keynote, inner city cabaret to gallery by the sea. In the world of competitive poetry, they’ve received perfect scores at the renowned Nuyorican Poets Café. They recently wrote, produced and collaborated on Nipiy I’aoue Water We, a sound art installation and cabaret performance for Arts Commons.

“Poetry is like a sixth sense; it’s how I explore the world around me and how I find my place in it,” says Shone Thistle. “The awkward, Queer, latchkey kid in me would never believe they were being recognized so publicly for their way of being in the world. I’m not sure I believe it, but best be sure, I am going to let this honour sink deep into my bones and I will write from that place as my tribute to those who’ve come before me. Thank you.”

Shone Thistle

Shone’s writing can be found in several anthologies, including Mic Check: An Anthology of Canadian Spoken Word Poetry, and YYC POP: Poetic Portraits of the People.

When Shone’s not writing or making other art, they are proudly serving their community as executive director of Calgary Queer Arts Society.

Read the Calgary Poet Laureate announcement here.


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