Lanre Ajayi at Beakerhead
Lanre Ajayi at Beakerhead | Still: Courtesy of My City Speaks To Me


My City Speaks To Me explores this uniquely Calgarian science and art smash-up

An exhibition of awe-inspiring artworks, fire-breathing contraptions, and contemporary curiosities, Beakerhead is a world stage for artists, engineers, designers, scientists, inventors, and performers.

“Beakerhead is about science, art, and engineering coming together, bringing us beautiful installations,” explains My City Speaks To Me host Lanre Ajayi.

Full of creativity, ingenuity, technology, and art of epic proportions, Ajayi swung by a special sneak preview of the event’s signature finale, now named Spectacle, to give you a taste of the sold-out event.

“The first thing you need to know about Beakerhead is that it’s an educational charity,” says Calli Naish, Beakerhead’s Cellular Cyborg and Social Media Manager. “We function at the crossroads of art, science, and engineering to bring science to people and classrooms in ways they haven’t experienced science before. Because when you smash-up art and science, you get really cool things.”

Tune into My City Speaks To Me as it explores the art, speaks to some of the creators behind-the-scenes, and captures the unique atmosphere of this Calgary gem.

About My City Speaks To Me

A Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, Lanre Ajayi is driven to develop and launch an ethical fashion line in Canada.

Shared as part of The Storytelling Project, My City Speaks To Me. The Calgary Edition. is his web series that documents the people, places, and events that make Calgary a spectacular place to live.

Follow him on Twitter at @lanreajayii and on Instagram at @lanreajayi1.

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