A video still from a short film about Beakerhead


Where art, science, and engineering intersect, innovation sparks

A smash up of art, science, and engineering, Beakerhead is a Calgary-based registered charity that focuses on advancing education to spark innovation.

“We had been thinking of doing something that engaged the public in science, but didn’t know what the shape was, what it was called,” says Beakerhead Co-Founder Mary Anne Moser. “It was the perfect aha moment—Beakerhead—that’s the name.”

“So by putting together science and engineering with art, we run into so many people who say, ‘finally I have a chance to do this,’” continues Jay Ingram. “Let’s give them an opportunity to do what, maybe secretly, they’ve wanted to do all along.”

Beakerhead returns September 19 to 23, 2018 with interactive works of art and entertainment throughout Calgary.

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