Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra performing in the Jack Singer Concert Hall
Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in the Jack Singer Concert Hall | Still: Courtesy of WeMaple

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

This musical hub is an essential and integrated part of our community

A pillar of Calgary’s vibrant arts community since 1955, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra has grown to be one of Canada’s most celebrated live music ensembles.

With a reach far beyond the Jack Singer Concert Hall stage, this team of hard-working musicians can be found in almost every corner of Calgary’s arts and culture community. From contributing music for Alberta Ballet and Calgary Opera performances to community educational performances and outreach opportunities, the orchestra is an essential and integrated part of our city.

“Most of us in the CPO don’t just play in the orchestra,” says double bass player Patrick Staples. “I would say the majority of the musicians in the orchestra also have their own private teaching studios, they conduct masterclasses, they go out into the community to work with youth groups, junior highs, high school students—all over the place. So there really is this kind of musical ecosystem at play here.”

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