Calgary Stampede

Volunteers wear PPE and run a drive-through pancake breakfast
Pancakes still flowed thanks to community caravan breakfasts | Still: Courtesy of My City Speaks To Me

Calgary Stampede

My City Speaks To Me goes behind the scenes at the lowkey celebrations

Despite the present global pandemic that is ravaging our world, our spirit cannot be broken. The 2020 edition of the Calgary Stampede might have been cancelled but that didn’t mean that the grounds were quiet.

“Welcome to Calgary Stampede Park,” says My City Speaks To Me host Lanre Ajayi. “The Calgary Stampede 2020 edition—the greatest outdoor show on the planet—but there is something different about this year.

“As we all know—the coronavirus pandemic—it’s a pandemic that is ravaging our world,” he continues. “You can see behind me, it’s a ghost town. But, not to worry, because we are Calgarians, Canadians, our spirit cannot be broken.”

The City of Calgary and the management of the Calgary Stampede came together to give Calgarians a feel of the celebration in a unique way. It kept visitors safe while giving them a chance to enjoy the true hospitality of the greatest outdoor show on the planet.

Tune into My City Speaks To Me to see a juxtaposition of last year’s bustling event and how 2020 still brought the Stampede spirit to Calgary.

About My City Speaks To Me

A Nigerian artist and fashion designer based in Calgary, Lanre Ajayi is driven to develop and launch an ethical fashion line in Canada.

Shared as part of The Storytelling Project, My City Speaks To Me. The Calgary Edition. is his web series that documents the people, places, and events that make Calgary a spectacular place to live.

Follow him on Twitter at @lanreajayii and on Instagram at @lanreajayi1.

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