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A photo of Kara Bullock

Kara Bullock

Kara Bullock is a movement-based artist of Filipina and German heritage. She is developing a solo work about boy bands this fall.Read more

Go-go dancers perform safely in a basement in this still

Episode 6

Going for a deep dive in unexpected times, join Adora Nwofor as she explores how Calgarians are expressing themselves creatively in new ways.Read more

A photo of Dj Stagez

Dj Stagez

Dj Stagez began his eclectic artist career combining spoken word, dancing, and drumming. He works to showcase the remarkable legacy of Black people.Read more

A photo of Sasha Ivanochko

Sasha Ivanochko

Sasha Ivanochko is a choreographer, pedagogue, and artistic director of Ivanochko in company, an ad hoc company she founded in 2005.Read more

A photo of Melanee Murray-Hunt

Melanee Murray-Hunt

Melanee Murray-Hunt is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and producer. Onscreen credits include appearances on Tribal and in the feature film, Jasmine Road.Read more

A photo of Laura Anzola

Laura Anzola

Working with animation, new media arts, and design, Laura Anzola has always been fascinated with images and has led her to work with visual arts.Read more

A promo photo of Esteban Herrera

Esteban Herrera

Esteban Herrera is a pianist, composer, jazz player, arranger, and music producer. He has released seven albums as a leader and around 30 as a…Read more

A graphic for Month of the Artist in September 2020

Month of the Artist

The first province in Canada to dedicate a month to artists, September celebrates the valuable contributions artists make in Alberta.Read more