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An image of the members of Calgary's Egyptian Folk Dance Academy performing on stage

Episode 37

Guest host Toyin Oladele introduces some of the exciting performers, vendors and contributors who took part in this year's Ethnik Festival for Arts and Culture…Read more

A still image of a man and a woman standing on either side of a portrait

Episode 36

In this episode we meet a rising pop rocker, get the inside scoop on the upcoming Ethnik Festival of Arts and Culture, and learn about…Read more

2022 Congress: Imagining the Future Together keynote speaker Leroy Little Bear

Episode 35

Share some of the highlights from our 2022 Congress with keynote speaker Dr. Leroy Little Bear, Calgary Arts Development President and CEO Patti Pon, Sally…Read more

An image of a woman in front of rolls of textiles

Episode 34

This city is bursting with creativity! In this month’s webisode, learn about an arts organization that champions the craft artists, an artist-run gallery's efforts towards…Read more

An image of a woman wearing a mask

Episode 33

This month, meet an up-and-coming special effects makeup artist, explore aging, learn a bit about theatrical masks and enter the world of horror fiction.Read more

An image of Alycia Two Bears

Episode 32

This month, explore a Two-Spirit mural in Kensington, celebrate a songwriter's country roots, catch up with Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society and celebrate local filmmakers…Read more

An image of a young woman in front of two works of Asian-inspired art

Episode 31

Discover how NUTV provides students with media skills to explore filmmaking, how a local visual artist draws from her roots and meditates on family, and…Read more

An image of a young boy holding a hand-made comic book

Episode 30

Learn how a young comic book artist explores his creativity, how a local singer shares her enthusiasm for music, and discover a musical collaboration that…Read more